Tom Eden

Author of Romantic and Erotic Fiction

Maplewood Short Stories

Burned by an abusive relationship, Griffin Farkas sunk inward. He became a grumpy introvert who works from home. He doesn’t trust people and prefers the company of his Pit Bull, Mouse. Despite his prickly disposition and his lack of faith in human beings, he’s painfully lonely and yearns for a relationship. When he meets Xavier Malas, a bright, charismatic actor, his need for companionship is pulled to the surface. Sparks fly and Griffin must confront his fears and open up to give their attraction a chance.

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The Cocky Cockers

A Romance Anthology

When shy and timid Jasper runs into his charismatic new neighbor Erik, he’s a sweaty breathless mess. Erik isn’t what Jasper expects at all. He’s drop dead gorgeous and surprisingly entranced. His flirtatious banter catches Jasper off guard. Stammering under this newfound attention, Jasper can only hope his dog, Buttercup, will bail him out of this situation. She’s more inclined to give the exciting stranger kisses. It’s not the best first impression. Jasper will have to decide if he can work up the courage to attend Erik’s housewarming party, or crumble under his nerves and forget about his charming new neighbor.

Check out The Cocky Cockers: A Romance Anthology, a selection of cocky short stories. The anthology features my short story, The Cocky New Neighbor. Get your copy today!


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