The Cocky Cockers: A Romance Anthology released!

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The Cocky Cockers: A Romance Anthology has been released! It features my short story “The Cocky New Neighbor” and 26 other wonderful romance short stories. They feature M/M, F/F, and M/F couples. After #CockyGate, we’ve come together to create an anthology and raise money for this community. All of the proceeds for this book go to the RWA Perseverance Fund so buy a copy, get your summer romance fix, and support a great cause!

An excerpt from “The Cocky New Neighbor”

Buttercup paused at the top of the hill to sniff at a moving van and a breeze finally hit Jasper sidelong. He closed his eyes, sighing as the salty air ruffled his brown hair and crystallized the sweat clinging to his skin. He shivered as he tried to catch his breath, but already he felt better. He was no longer ready to keel over in the scraggly patch of brown grass by the side of the road.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Jasper jumped as a rich, playful voice cut through the relative quiet. It rose above the hum of the cicadas and the waves crashing on the beach below. It sent a shiver all the way down Jasper’s spine. When he caught sight of the man it belonged to, it did a lot more than that.

Cocky Cockers

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