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I’m starting up a Patreon and a new project to go along with it. I’ll be writing a collection of short stories titled Maplewood. The project will follow two men as their lives cross paths and they explore their mutual attraction. Each short story will be 3-5k and will have varying ratings, from sweet to explicit.

Griffin Kovacs is a thirty year old white bisexual guy. Estranged from his family and burned by a previous relationship, he’s reluctant to trust people. He avoids them instead, and thankfully, the people of Maplewood avoid him too. Those who aren’t intimidated by his gruff voice usually find his grumpy disposition off putting. He does whatever he can to maintain that illusion, despite it being so far from who he really is.

He lives alone. He works from home. He spends all of his time with his Pit Bull, Mouse. It’s easier that way. Keeping people at arm’s length has become a defense mechanism and a habit. But when he’s honest with himself, he knows he can’t stay closed off forever. While Mouse might be the perfect life companion, he wants a romantic relationship. He’s just too scared to do anything about it.

He’s about to meet a man who is everything he’s looking for.

Xavier Malas is a thirty-one year old gay Syrian-American. As an actor, he graces the small screen with his endless charm and easy grace. He made a career out of his people skills and his extensive knowledge of psychology. However, much to his agent’s dismay, he’s a deeply private person. He recently settled down in Maplewood to get away from the bustle of the city.

They haven’t crossed paths yet, but when they do, sparks will fly. Griffin will have to confront his fears and learn to trust again in order to give their attraction a chance.

You can follow Griffin and Xavier’s story for as little as $2 a month, and support me and my work in the process. At higher tiers, you get so much more out of the Maplewood experience. Read novelettes, get updates and sneak peeks of my full-length novels, and receive exclusive content in the mail.

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So Much For Solitude.

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